Welcome to the seventeenth of a monthly Pub Quiz residency at The Hope and Ruin, brought to you by 'Ink Mathematics'. Each month we'll bring you a different themed quiz, testing your specific knowledge to the full.

#17: THE SIMPSONS – PART THREE (Seasons 7-9).

Jiminy jillickers!
Come test your knowledge on all things surrounding the world of America's favourite non pre-historic family, in our third and final Simpson quiz of the year! We guarantee a wingding of titanic proportions!

This particular quiz will cover seasons 7-9 of the TV show… Be sure to do your swotting up on every character imaginable… Superintendent Chalmers, Mona Simpson...Hank Scorpio!!

£2 entry per team member.
There will be a cash prize, along with various other Simpsons based prizes to be won by several teams!

Maximum 6 members per team.

You can reserve your team space NOW by e-mailing

Over 18s only - it gets a little blue… And of course, no cheating! Be there or kindly be square...

Date: Tue 20th Sep 2016

Time: 8pm - 11pm

Admission: £2