31st October 2023 - 7:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

Silktape Presents


Prepare to be spellbound as Spooktape makes its return to Brighton for the second year in a row, this time haunting The Hope & Ruin.

Get ready for a frightful evening bringing together four of the eeriest acts from the south coast for a night of original music that will send shivers down your spine.

Mark your calendar for this hair-raising event, taking place on All Hallows Eve.

We strongly encourage you to embrace the spirit of the night and come dressed in your most ghastly, and ghoulish costumes.

This night is exclusively for fearless souls, lost spirits, and nightmarish creatures.

Join us if you dare ????


‘Silktape’ are an alternative rock band hailing from the vibrant city of Brighton, UK.

With a unique blend of theatrical elements and hard-hitting rock, ‘silktape’ have created a sound that is both captivating and energising. Their sound has been described as “profound, introspective, brash and mesmerising” (The Other Side Reviews) and possessing “enough personality and relatable charm to stand out in a crowded scene” (CLOUT Magazine).

With each new show, they continue to build their loyal fan base that can’t get enough of their intense, raw sound. The press has praised silktape’s unique sound and energetic live performances. “If My Chemical Romance were to have a child with Placebo, the chances are silktape would be it” (The Other Side Reviews)

Hailing from France, Switzerland and the UK, Belmondo are a cauldron of grunge, industrial styles, wrapped in a goth aesthetic. The band debuted live in 2022 after drummer Jules Freiss scouted Brighton for his ideal candidates, finding guitarist Laurent Lesaffre and dueling lead vocalists/songwriters Carmen Mellino and Kelan Moore.

Their slick but twisted live shows will slowly submerge you into their darkness, initiating you all into their grunge coven. So be prepared to be pulled into a trance state of dirty riffs, elegant chorus, and weeping melodies.

Based in the United Kingdom, Sadcult are a 3-piece alternative rock band. With dynamic vocals to thick guitar riffs, this band encapsulates the sharp edges of alternative and grunge, not just ‘reviving’ the subculture but making something of their own from it. Whether in the studio or on the stage, they fuse raw emotion with an electic charisma to craft songs dripping with energy.

Within their music is a duality that propels their sound and message forward. Songs like ‘Bleach the Freak’ and ‘Hate / Love’ both represent the balance of infectious hooking melodies alongside a gritty wall of sound that thuds you in the chest. They write from a place we all know: a sharp-edged nostalgia filled with memories and angst.

evil dingepop 4-piece formed in Brighton. reminiscent of 80s new wave, goth, and modern indie and alternative.


The Hope & Ruin The Hope & Ruin
11-12 Queens Rd
Brighton and Hove
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