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Hake / Messy Bird / Electravox / Vinyl Staircase FREE

The Hope & Ruin & Acid Box Promotions bring you a superb line up of some of Brighton's finest underground bands.

The Hope & Ruin

Operating out of their dingy basement in Brighton, HAKE are a psychedelic band who specialise in immersing listeners in a swirling tunnel of harmonised guitar noise accompanied by powerful drum patterns and enticing bass lines.

Messy Bird
One of the most exciting bands to come out of Brighton at this moment. They'll be laying down their psychedelic stoner rock for you. 

Hotly tipped as ones to watch on the gigging circuit by Brighton Source, here's what they had to say about them "Distortion is the key sound of Electravox, a Brighton-based grunge trio who found themselves creating music on a laptop during a time of homelessness. This is recreational music that you can dance to, but not in the expected way. ‘Meatcure’ is the first offering from their debut EP, ‘Acid Fight’, which is out now."

Vinyl Staircase
“Though at many points serene and blissful, Vinyl Staircase's euphoric sound is by no means lacking in a heady dose of acerbic noise. Erupting from a somewhat tranquil state is a hurricane of fuzzed-out guitars that duck and dive beneath the surface.” – The Line Of Best Fit