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Steve Strong + Bearded Youth Quest + And So It Goes + Land Wars

Zwicky Promotions Presents:

Saaaay whaaat?? That's right, ALL this talent playing a show together in one room. The Hope and Ruin, £5 entry, doors at 7:30.

STEVE STRONG: Steve Strong is a one man arsenal of beats, tapped guitar and lush, texural melodies. His music is as witheld as it is grandiose, as skeletal as it is layered, equal parts shimmering and pulsing. It glimmers, swings and explodes in all the right places, sliding gracefully from one section to another, played as tightly as it is loose and free. Steve's ability to bridge the gap between technical ability and captivation is completely instinctual, tattoed onto his musical concious like the art on his body. His music seems to encompass many different styles without feeling contrived or forced, every strand of inspiration in steve's music is carefully placed and melted. This music will not be held down!'

BEARDED YOUTH QUEST: This is the story of how the Bearded Youth came into being, and of their very first quest together. And what a quest it was—involving super-amplified strum boxes, some rhythmic witchcraft, a jaunt through Caballero cave—and a desperate chemical-fuelled harp battle! The Youths pluck and resourcefulness stimulated each others thirst for adventure and made possible many more exciting expeditions for this group of intrepid sonic explorers.

AND SO IT GOES: With a cornucopia of influences ranging from At The Drive In, Alexisonfire, Three Trapped Tigers, God is an Astronaut, Daughter and Nordic Giants; And So It Goes are an erratic and energetic three piece from Brighton who use three vocals, two guitars, a ton of pedals and hard hitting drumbeats to fuel their love of making Post Hardcore music.

LAND WARS: Land Wars are a mostly instrumental math-rock duo in London,UK.
They play music that is they like to describe as sprinting full-speed down a steep hill.
They have no friends and plenty of time to write music.

Later Event: March 23
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