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Riviera Breeze // Wild Anima Live


Wild Anima in the Press:

"Sitting somewhere between the madrigals of 16th century Italian composer Carlo Gesualdo, the decaying tape loops of 20th century minimalist William Basinski, and Enya, the music here is made up almost entirely of distant murky choirs. Side A was recorded on a farm in Devon back in 2013 before the project even had a name, deep under the spell of Tibetan culture and "feelings of compassion". The recording quality is muddy to almost alien degrees, as meditative repetitions of female voices seep into vast caverns of reverb. Keiji Haino’s short lived medieval music project, Nijiumu, springs to mind, if only for the sheer spiritual intensity of that vacant space. Side two’s side-long piece titled ‘Selene’ was recorded later, and integrates barely recognisable strings and echo-laden voices of Inuit shaman amid Alexopoulos’ epic vocals. The floaty amorphous soundscape strangely reminded me of The KLF’s trippy Chill Out - although perhaps swapping out Elvis Presley on a car radio for Pandit Pran Nath in a cave." - The Quietus


"Shamans’ chants weaving together to soundtrack a dream sequence where you can imagine the flashing lights and seemingly endless tunnel of that Willy Wonka psychedelic boat ride scene, only less scary." - Tabs Out


"It’s a meditative, internally explorative work, and the further her voice spreads outward, the deeper Alexopolous seems to journey into herself." - ATTN Magazine


"...this feels like monastic chant in the best way possible. Think The Name of The Rose meets The Wicker Man." - Bandcloud

Wild Anima is the wild soul, the raw state of nature sleeping inside all of us. The intimate part of our living essence. A vocal ambient electronic project merging influences from trip hop, electronica, techno and ambient music, with poetic lyrics that feed the soul, the 'anima'. Focusing on sound and its effect on humans. Very inspired by the potential of performing and sharing with an audience through music Wild Anima is like an unconventional ethnological research. Investigating the multi dimensions of human feelings and emotions through Spiritual Pop. Wild Anima is Alex Alexopoulos, a passionate of art, music and the human being. Paris born adventurer she has developed her sound in between Bristol, UK where she moved at the age of 20 and her travels around Europe and Asia. In 2013 she joins the Berlin based Female:Pressure collective. She released two tapes on Blue Tapes Records, UK, Pulsating Attacks Recorded in Silence (Blue Seven) as her former project Kurosounds and her first release as Wild Anima Songs From Above (Blue Twenty-Two). A meditative vocal ambient piece inspired by a trip to India where she discovered the Tibetan culture. The release performance took place at London's Café Oto in August 2016 with other Blue Tapes artists. Back in Paris she releases her first self release Ep Esprit Sauvage in Novembre 2016 on her D.I.Y. record label Wild Fox Records.


Earlier Event: March 25
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