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Lab Coast + The Sticks (FREE ENTRY)

Faux Discx & Endless present:
Lab Coast's end of UK/EU tour show! The Sticks launch of their infamous lost album 'Why Bother' on retro-futuristic cassette tape!


Lab Coast
Since 2008, Lab Coast has been delivering hazy bursts of hook-laden guitar pop from their basement studio in Calgary, Alberta. Singer David Laing & multi-instrumentalist Chris Dadge carve out detailed analog productions on a variety of different tape machines while pillaging the bounty of instruments left behind at the Lab Coast practice space.

The resultant constellations of compact, tightly wound melodies and bustling rhythms form a highly textured kaleidoscopic backdrop for Laing's understated crooning and oblique, yet slyly evocative lyrics. Dadge’s ever-evolving, DIY approach to recording places them in the tradition of fellow home-brew recorders such as Strapping Fieldhands, early Guided By Voices, and R. Stevie Moore, while the songs themselves recall the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty, and The La's.

Self-titled compilation LP featuring classic cuts from accross Lab Coast's back catalogue is out May 12 on Faux Discx records!

A rare performance from this legendary group of Brighton legends.

For those that don't know, The Sticks are a stripped down garage party band from Brighton. They bash drums, sway on the bass and claw at guitar - often swapping over instruments between songs live - and yelp with melodic abandon and delight. The Sticks were recently dubbed as 'semi-amateur', this may be true. With cheap, unreliable equipment they manage to tease out a cacophony of crashing drums and raucous guitar melodies.

The key elements of the trio's sound are undoubtedly drawn from the rudimentary ideas found in the more inept efforts of mid-sixties teen bands such as The Chimney Sweeps and The Keggs, as well as their modern day equivalents The Black Lips, The Coachwhips or The Hospitals, say.

+ Endless and Faux Discx DJs selecting the disks.