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Sabrina Gunston + Maya + Taylor Barker

Sabrina Gunston is releasing her EP '777' on the 7th July, with her first EP launch gig on the 6th July at The Hope & Ruin. Come down and party with us!


Sabrina Gunston

In times of uncertainty, Sabrina has arrived with a confidence yet humility in her presence. Her unique blend of soulful and velvety tones, creates an exciting new body of work. Some call it 'Future Soul'.

Singing tales about late nights, sex, lies, power and attitude, Sabrina is inspired from listening to artists like Joss Stone, Joni Mitchell, NAO, and BANKS.

She says, "I love expressing a story in a melody using interesting layers, creating a sense of depth and richness to the meaning of the song". Simple yet resonating, her message is loud and clear: be confident with who you are and stay true to yourself.



Maya are an energetic four-piece indie, pop, and RnB band based in Brighton. The band is comprised of Bukky Fehintola (spitting lyrics and strumming guitar), Dan Pascoe (bass-master extraordinaire), Adam 'Gurbs' Gurbis (guitar licks, flicks and riffs) and Nico Standing (sick beats   the kind that Taylor Swift goes on about in 'Shake It Off'). For a quartet, Maya has a big sound, yet the music doesn't overcomplicate things, allowing the vocals their rightful place at front and centre, with everything else coming together like a wonderful lattice of sound.


Taylor Barker / La Plage

Brighton singer-songwriter Taylor Barker's music adventures. The La Plage songstress blessing the room with her silky pop songs, filling the air with good feelings and good vibes. She uses her lyrics to convey the deep, intricate side to her otherwise private existence. Though her songs still remain ambiguous. Her metaphoric writing style enables listeners to interpret her lyrics subjectively, without leaving her directly exposed.



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