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Light Brigade + The Get Rids + Comfort

TH&R Presents:


"The sound leans back against a wall, arms folded, with a cigarrette hanging from the corner of its mouth ..the nonchalance you'd expect from a traditional 'rock n roll three-peice', but it's the blending of Electronica and World influenced samples that give this band it's intrigue.

From sitars to trumpets, ambience to break-beat, drifting space to walls of sound - it's all there somewhere. This band seems to write chameleons.. Sure there's a subtle camouflage of familiarity, but look closer and there's something clever and alien at work. It's 'what you should know' - but not as you know it"


The Get Rids are a garage rock band from Brighton, formed a year ago through a shared desire to play live music and slowly ruin our hearing by playing too loud at band practice. With a shared love of bands such as Devo, Hot Snakes and Michael Jackson, they met when they were playing in various bands in the Brighton punk and hardcore scene.


Comfort bring with themselves all things pleasure and pain and equally want to make people jive and also pick up the phone to an old flame. Our music varies from Ethereal Pop to Art Rock to Post Funk.

7:30pm // £5 entry // 18+