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Acid Box & Tatty Seaside Town: Drone Rock Records Showcase

Acid Box Promotions & Tatty Seaside Town showcase some of Brighton'sDrone Rock Records releases + special guests!

Saturday 24th Feb
The Hope & Ruin
First £8
2nd £10 /
OTD £12
Coming soon to Resident Brighton

Carlton Melton (band page)
While Carlton Melton’s sound is heavily inspired by psychedelic music, it is equal parts, blues, rock, improvisation and drone. Whether the band is hanging on a well-defined riff reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or Joe Walsh or largely abandoning conventional music structure à la Spacemen 3 and Bardo Pond, Carlton Melton uses layers, textures and repetition to create music that makes full use of the spaces in between notes and chord changes … sonic explorations if you will.

The music that Carlton Melton makes is bold and does not hesitate to “go there” just to see what the heck might be still left out there in the world of unexplored improvisational and psychedelic music. And there is a lot of ground left to explore and cover. Whether it’s in The Dome or in the live setting, Carlton Melton give themselves full permission to realize and create spontaneous sounds and create genuine musical gestures that resonate beautifully with audiences throughout the world.

Heavy psych, power trio from London who are tinged with Eastern and Arabic influences! We believe in peace love & strong psychedelics

Melt Dunes
Channeling the likes of krautrock legends CAN and NEU! yet with a live performance more akin to the Detroit garage punks the Stooges and the MC5, Portsmouth's Melt Dunes are pretty much everything we like to see and hear in a live band.

Psychic Lemon
Melding psych and krautrock, intertwined with grooves of funk, folk and a number of other genres.

Bristol based guitarist and composer, John Scott. Uses his guitar and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound.

Sleeping Creatures 
Mesmerising epic sound outlet.Atmospheric improv trio, Rich Allwood guitar, Sean Cox guitar, Jennie Howell drums.

Innerstrings light show!

Drone Rock Records
Specialise in strictly limited vinyl pressings of fuzz, drone, and modern psych.

Later Event: February 25
Headphase // with Danzai