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The Academy Of Sun + Elisabeth Elektra + Night Tongue

TAOS Presents:


We've been very, very busy behind the scenes. There's something colossal in the works, and glimpses of said colossus may well be debuted at this event - our first and thus-far only show in Brighton this year. We've re-organised ourselves, gained some new tricks, and we're uber-psyched to blaze forth some of our new toys from the heart of the reactor... Deranged post-punk, apocalyptic hymnals, made-up themes from non-existent spaghetti westerns, field recordings from meteor blasts, the ghostly echo of exploded stars.


Deeply bewitching synth-pop goddess from the north-east, Elisabeth Elektra's honey-voiced electro-chanson graced The Hope And Ruin last autumn with beats that could collapse a chapel and tantalising synth textures that palpate the solar plexus into a state of bliss. We've invited her back as part of our tour. Expect to be enchanted and beguiled.


Transgressive post-punk duo hailing from LA, Night Tongue is Carisa Bianca Melado and Andrew Dalziell. Shrieking fury and spirit from a crossroads watched over by Diamanda Galas and The Birthday Party, Night Tongue build soundscapes of beautiful violence via Carisa's astonishingly evocative vocals and Andrew's spark-spitting guitar, with bass and Cocteaus-esque drum machine pummeling the walls to contain it all.

And as if that were not compelling enough a proposition, we have a VERY SPECIAL GUEST to be announced in the upcoming days. Watch this space film...

Entry: Six Pounds

Doors: Seven PM.