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The Office & Extras Pub Quiz

Welcome to the thirty-fifth of a monthly Pub Quiz residency at The Hope and Ruin, brought to you by 'Ink Mathematics'. Each month we'll bring you a different themed quiz, testing your specific knowledge to the full.


“And that's the quiz, that's the real quiz”!
For the first time, we’ll be focusing on TWO shows in one!
Come test your knowledge on all things surrounding the small world of Slough, or more specifically Wernham Hogg, and the workers therein, as well as the equally small world of Andy Millman and his friends (well, friend)!

This quiz will cover ALL episodes of both shows… Be sure to do your swotting up on every character imaginable...Brent, Andy, Gareth, Maggie, Tim, Barry …...Oggy!

£2 entry per team member.
There will be a cash prize, along with various other Office/Extras based prizes to be won by several teams!

Maximum 6 members per team.

You can reserve you team space now by emailing

And of course, no cheating…...are you having a laugh? Is he having a laugh?