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National Funk + Kreol Lovecall + Papa C

Ladies and Gentlemen, tattyseasidetown is hyped to bring you:


let’s have it right, National Funk ain’t no Blue-Eyed Soul, neither are they some Disco-Punk Gang of Four wannabes, and they’re DEFINITELY NOT a TrustiFarian Chilli Pepper Funk-Rock apology.

National Funk has been a low- slung funky stew left on the back burner for an eternity, only the finest, smokiest ingredients added when the time was ripe. It’s been a long slow simmer but it’s deemed that Brighton is ready for a tasting session.

These Low-Riders (from the T.Wells Delta) have been honing their chops in ‘recognisably Rock’ outfits such as Joeyfat/Sloath/Charlottefield/Headquarters/Sweet Williams/Soul Punch/ some familiar faces here. Don’t let that fool ya.

This is National Funk.


Special Guest
ever since trading in a pivotal position in Hey Colossus, Jon has charmed, beguiled, moved and baffled us with his solo works. Something different/special has been mooted to befit the occasion.

+ Papa C rotatin the platters that matter.

Tickets £5 (Resident/
£6 on the door. funkin bargain.

the nation is in a funk, NATIONAL FUNK is the answer.
Maximum Gumbo at the Hope & Ruin.