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Lice - Double EP Launch w/ Girls In Synthesis + Ditz

SBLive are delighted to bring you LICE who are rolling into town to celebrate the launch their Double EP ‘It All Worked Out Great Vol.1+2’

Signed preorders of the 12” vinyl can be made here:


‘It All Worked Out Great Vol.1+2’ is the two-part ‘early years’ collection from satirical art-punk band LICE. Drawing sounds and aesthetics from an abrasive clutch of early-eighties post-punk groups (particularly The Fall, The Pop Group and The Birthday Party), together with elements of Noise-Rock and warped Country & Western, IAWOG is a sharp, provocative and unpredictable monument to the burgeoning age of misanthropy. With a fevered imagination, it returns again and again to the palette of human hatred: misogyny, racism, and (most prominently) the hatred we direct at ourselves, both as flawed members of a parasitic race and as products of a destructive empire. Through dramatic monologues, darkly-humorous short stories and bizarre characters, the lyrics are designed to confront listeners with their own hateful biases, impulses and vices; the instrumentation around them churns with spindly, searing guitar-work, progressive rhythms and thunderous basslines. The songs were all originally written in 2016, with early versions of four having appeared on NUTMILK: The Basement Demos; over two years and two recording sessions, they have been changed, honed and finally completed. With this release, LICE finally cements and seals-up a moment in their sound with a declarative final scream, as they prepare to explore new sounds, aesthetics and subjects.