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Wayne Snow + Kodäma

One Inch Badge (in association with Diplomats of Sound) Presents:


+ support from KODÄMA


After two incredible EPs, Wayne Snow— the Nigerian-born, Berlin-based vocalist and songwriter — now presents his debut album on Tartelet Records. Freedom TV is the natural sequel to the Max Graef-produced tasters Red Runner (2014) and Rosie (2015); a project marinated in Afro-Caribbean, soulful grooves and topped by Wayne’s effortless falsetto acrobatics.As the title suggests, Freedom TV is an album with themes of liberty, struggle and creative identity pumping through its veins. Within ten tracks, Snow fluently meanders between musical styles: from low-tempo soothers like album opener “Cooler” and “Fall” to the syncopated bruk of “The Rhythm” and cosmic funk escapades found on “Nothing Wrong”

2016 gave shape to the trio Kodäma, lead by Kiala Ogama (singer, daughter of former Fela Kuti’s guitarist Kiala Nzatovunga) and Thomas Hugenel (bass player) together with the drummer Theo Sarton, revea-ling an electro-soul and jazztronica groove permeated by Japanese and West-African influences.Memories from a childhood spent in the Japanese countryside sparked as a result of the singer’s cultural background, which has largely inspired Kodäma’s musical universe. The word “kodäma”, meaning“echo”, also relates to the spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit trees. In keeping with their origins, the band bestows particular attention to spiritualty and fantasy. Kodäma is a blend of electronica and acoustic resonance, enhanced by Kiala’s captivating voice, delicately balancing between English and Japanese dialects.