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Out The Bag! Town Of Cats + Roxalas + Lu'Ami

In the first instalment of Town of Cats' 'Out The Bag!!!', ToC have invited some of their favourite acts to come play alongside them at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton with an eye to mesmerise the masses with a medley of amazingness.

The band will provide grooves, riffs, toots, licks, bangs, kicks, beats and treats.
Audience members will be required to bring their own clothes.

The line up?

Rather audaciously, ToC have put themselves at the top of the bill, but to be fair, they organised the whole bloomin thing and there's also ten of them and they'll fight anyone who suggests otherwise.

One can expect Hip-Hop, Ska, Afrobeat, Latin, Funk, Punk and weird noises. Don't forget to bring a towel.


Fresh on the Brighton scene, Roxalas are tight yet elastic, they are cool yet warm, they are chilled yet thrilling. Like some classy love child of Fat Freddy's Drop, Hiatus Coyote and Van Morrison (when he was cool), Roxalas bring together world rhythms, astounding vocal harmonies, hooky horns with an accomplished musicianship that will be sure tickle even the stiffest of hips.


Princess of Sass (Prinsass?), loops and groovy beats, well known in town for her jazzibly melty and soulful songwriting, is playing as a BAND on this evening and we're excited. Her charisma and rich tones which combine to captivate audiences all over, now come with the addition of live drums to bring an even fatter sound! Expect goosebumps...s'all I'm sayin.