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Out The Bag!! Town of Cats / Hey Buddy! / Keerahku

In the second instalment of Town of Cats' 'Out The Bag!!!', ToC have gone and found some of the grooviest, neo-soul/jazz popping musical freaks to come and launch into the big ones on stage! 
The band will provide grooves, riffs, toots, licks, bangs, kicks, beats and BIG ONES!
Audience members will be required to bring their own clothes, and perhaps a flannel, it's gonna get groovy. real groovy.

The line up?

Rather audaciously, ToC have put themselves at the top of the bill, but to be fair, they organised the whole bloomin thing and there's also ten of them and they'll fight anyone who suggests otherwise.
One can expect Hip-Hop, Ska, Afrobeat, Latin, Funk, Punk and weird noises. Don't forget to bring a towel.


Well hooey. What aren't Hey Buddy? As R n B, Jazz, Soul and Funk blend into one another like trees during an acid trip, it's hard to know what part of you is shaking and what is dancing. Didn't realised you could twerk? You probably couldn't. But now you're watching Hey Buddy and your body demands it. It's making you sway and fist pump and kiss your teeth like a teenage boy from luton that's seen a few films with Plan B in. Your watching the bassist splay his fingers around a fret board like an 85 year old Chinese Chequers champion nonchalantly seeing off his twenty-something opponent to the soundtrack of Curtis Mayfield's 'Move on Up'. Your listening to vocal harmonies that are loaded with so much YASS QUEEN they have transcended sound and become every meme that involves Michelle Obama since the inauguration of Donald 'the wotsit' Trump. Smooth keys reverberate around your tiny mind, cushioning all of your mid week woes until you are lulled into a deep sleep, left to dream about a band you saw that made the sound of gold melting into a bucket of sexy diamonds. Except it's not a dream. It's Hey Buddy, and you're watching them for real. legit. You love them and you know what, they love you. You lucky, lucky people.


Jazz, Blues and Soul mingle together like rich swingers in the seventies, creating a recipe for flirtatious, tantalising melodies and rhythmic promiscuity fit to evoke an aural scopophilia from any music loving onlooker. Keerahku, bound by a cheeky kinship and a love for great licks serverd with a wry smile will deliver a performance that will shake off any dust left in your soul. Get up and get down.


Later Event: August 31
The Meow Meows Summer Party