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Triptych 2: Heirloom + Guru + Skinny Milk

Triptych is a series of events & releases brought to you by Love Thy Neighbour on 17-19th January at The Hope & Ruin.
Tickets £5 per night, or £10 weekend ticket exclusively available via See tickets + Dice

Triptych consists of three nights, each featuring three of our favourite bands and each accompanied by a lathe-cut vinyl release, one for each night, limited to 15 copies each.

Triptych 2:
Heirloom are a five piece Gloom-Pop-Garage band; their sound opens with shared vocals – baritone and bittersweet alto. They interweave into the eternal, reminiscent of Nancy and Lee
through the cult movie romance of a Tarantino lens. Layers of graceful reverb, delay and fuzz, amidst colourfully dark organ, surround Heirloom’s jangly guitars.

Brutalist indie rock, worth comparing to those initial Shame cuts or even elements of the Fat Whites. Picking apart modern relationships in an era of hyper-capitalism, a kind of barbed, deeply British take on art-punk.

Formed in 2016 by Johnny Hart and Tim Cox; from their inception they have toured relentlessly releasing multiple EPs and singles in between a hectic tour schedule. Heading back into the studio to record their upcoming release, skinny milk are showing no signs of slowing down.

Triptych 1: Bloom / Emma Gatrill / A Lily: Thursday 17th January

Triptych 3: Hollow Hand / RADIDAS / Winter Gardens : Saturday 19th January

Weekend tickets:

Artwork by - Billy Mather Illustration