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Just Like Fruit + Dr Danny + Magpie

An apple a day keeps a doctor away... not at our commie cocktail. Don't let your January go pear-shaped - come to our rejuvenating commie cocktail at Hope and Ruin on Jan the 26th where Fives a day (Just Like fruit) meets Dr Danny w/the patients (USA) + Magpie. Fruit salad and fruit cakes will be provided. Bring a date and go bananas.


The blues is good for you... Just Like Fruit

Formed in 2016, Just Like Fruit are a Brighton-based alternative rock ‘n’ roll band. Their noisy and lively guitar pop takes inspiration from every corner of their record collections, from Bill Withers and Chuck Berry to Pavement and Courtney Barnett.

On his debut full length Nothing But Love, Dr. Danny Ayala layers kaleidoscopic baroque funk over a foundation of unapologetic pop songwriting. A compelling amalgam of hook-focused 70s rock, ‘California Sound’ vocal builds, and precise, elegant musicianship, Nothing But Love is both immediately engaging and flush with intricate nuance.

Danny Ayala was born on Long Island, NY. He began his musical journey (somewhat against his will) when his grandmother enrolled him in piano lessons at the age of 6. When Ayala crossed paths with Brian and Michael D’Addario of The Lemon Twigs at an elementary school talent show his fate was sealed.

For the last 10 years they’ve been a musical family; Ayala is part of their live band, and the D’Addario's now make up the studio band for his Dr Danny project. Brian handles production and mixing duties. “One major blessing in my life is that they decided I was talented enough to be a live member of the Lemon Twigs” laughs Ayala. “Through years of touring and learning their complicated material, I became the keyboard player and vocalist I am today.”

During this time Ayala had been working on his own material. When he found the courage to play it for the D’Addario’s they offered advice and assistance at once. The songs on Nothing But Love were recorded at Ayala’s home in Long Island, The Lemon Twigs home in Long Island, and the University of Syracuse.

Thematically, the record covers Ayala’s life in High School, and the love he shared with a particular someone during that time. “I hope that people listen to this record and understand how personal I really get during it” says Ayala. “Even with the naïve lyrics of a 15-year-old in some of the tunes. I got everything I needed to off my chest and now I’m sharing it with the whole world. I hope that someone can relate. Even if it’s just 1 person. I’m DR DANNY and I may tour the word and be “cool” but I’m just another dude with another love story. #NOTHINGBUTLOVE
Dr. Danny’s debut EP, Lay It On Me Straight, was released in June of 2017. The single “Fly Me Back In Time” was chosen as one of the “Top 50 of 2017” by NPR.

4 piece Rock n Roll, swelling atmospheres tied together with emotive vocals, guitar lead melodies, and rolling characterful beats.