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Stay Sick w/ Thee Windom Earles

Calling all cows down on the farm 🐄🐄🐄 STAY SICK is back - from the grave! 🔊🎉⚰️🦠

💥 We're back to our regular slot of the first Saturday of the month!

Playing live because our mate Letty said they're amazing, so we checked them out - and they are!!!


Trash. Sleaze. Exotica. Greasy like that hot dog that's been under your chaise longue for several weeks, Thee Windom Earles are equal parts garage scuzz, rockabilly lunacy and fever-dream surf-a-go-go.

Thee Windom Earles have recorded five lifetimes-worth of messy sex, greasy food, shit jobs, girl trouble, boy trouble, single entendres, hair products and, above all, rock and roll salvation. The album, Mai Tai Pink Eye, laid down in one hot day in July 2018, is a red-eyed testament to the redeeming power of three-chord psychosis and transistor fuzz set to a Benzedrine beat.

💥Join us downstairs in the bar at The Hope & Ruin where we will be continuing our monthly residency and revving up for a night of delinquent kicks, DJ's, dancing and tripped out mondo projections!

💥Expect....sleazy and greasy rock n roll from the fifties & sicksties including Tarantino surf, boppin rockabilly, swingin rhythm and blues and twistin shakers, primitive garagepunk and 70s punk n roll for all you weird-ohs to go-go, shake, bop, pogo, shimmy, watusi and jerk to!

💥Ha'way, baby, let's have a party!💥

Saturday 5th October
(downstairs bar)
Queen's Road,

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