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Garden Centre + Jack Goldstein + Radisson Blue

Love Thy Neighbour Presents:

Garden Centre our one of our favourite Brighton bands, we're delighted to be hosting a free entry Brighton show on their album tour with the excellent Jack Goldstein and Radisson Blue in support.
Guarantee entry:

Garden Centre are a band that keep changing their minds. On their self titled début they deconstructed the thoughts and feelings of a friendship group forged in the fires of forgotten spaces.In 2018's follow up ' Monster Energy' they tackled energy drink consumption and semi rural exploration. One thing they can make their minds up about is how to convey these disparate stories – a sweetness of melody and a taught thread of narrative runs through all of their music. Garden Centre are readying to release their new album ' A Moon For Digging' in Summer 2019.It is apparently going to be about digging holes

Plus support:
Jack Goldstein is the former frontman for psych-pop band Fixers and a prolific purveyor of outsider pop. Jack makes Experimental Lo-Fi Power Pop and his latest record, titled ‘Love, The Answer To The Problem Of Human Existence’, is being released on limited edition cassette tape by the Oxford based tape label, Beanie Tapes.

Radisson Blue is Roxy Brennan, a talented singer-songwriter who has previously played in bands such as Joanna Gruesome, Trust Fund and a variety of other exceptional DIY bands. Her Radisson Blue moniker shows her softer, and delicate side.