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Mean Poppa Lean - Reunion Show

TH&R Presents:


Some years ago, when financial crashes, the rise of far right separatist politics and one piece pastel mix jumpsuits seemed to be a thing of the past, a band was formed in Brighton who saw things a little differently. In a world of skinny jeans, they chose hot pants. In a world of shoe gazing, they chose choreography. In a world of spiky indie, they gave in to the primal appeal of raw funk.

This band never achieved commercial success, choosing instead to revel in the seedy moisture of the underground, taking their DIY live experience around the UK and Europe as far as their rickety old van would take them, whether it be Salzburg, Sweden or Sheffield. When they ran out of gas, they powered their engines on the love of their dedicated fans, a group who were brought together by a need for something different. Misfits of all castes united by a common love of funk and vintage clothing.

Sadly, the glacial forces of life's shifting paradigm rended them slowly apart, and while the members were scattered across the globe to Europe, the US and Japan, their friendship grew ever stronger in musical estrangement. Seven years later, and by popular demand the Mean Poppa Lean boys return to open the valve where funk has been stored and pressurized, waiting for release. A limited run of gigs will see them play music across the continent of Europe for just one week. How will their music fit into a world of Bruno Mars, Brexit and brand identity?

Come see the show at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton to find out!

Tickets on sale soon.

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