Big Brave + Aicher
17th May 2023 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

Love Thy Neighbour Presents: 


With the initial seeds planted in 2012, with no other goal than simply experimenting with the instruments in their possession, Robin Wattie and Mathieu Bernard Ball started writing subtle ambient/minimalistic folk songs together. When long-time friend Louis-Alexandre Beauregard joined on drums, the goal still remained to play as tranquil as possible. After an incident where Wattie’s acoustic guitar broke, and having borrowed a friend’s electric as a replacement, larger amps that Ball had in storage from previous bands started to get incorporated into the outfit. Now with amplitude as a compositional tool, Big Brave never lost interest in the power of minimalism and fragility. It became clear that loud volume would become just as effective as the lowest possible ones and the juxtaposition of both would become something Big Brave still uses as their main MO to this day.


AICHER is the latest project of København-based musician Liam Andrews.
Translating to sharp, fierce and bitter (of the wind), the alignment of this title is fitting.
Working within the atonal and monochromatic aesthetics he’s drawn to, the inclusion of place and the
environmental influence of the bleak Scandinavian winters prove to be the perfect antidote. Eerie hollows
of wind, solitude and the crushing of ice underfoot place the soundscape of the north into the brutalist
path he is known for.
For the past two decades, Andrews has been active in exploring amplified guitar music with the
industrial group MY DISCO, and as a recent collaborator with Karl O’Connor (Regis, Downwards
Records) and Boris Wilsdorf (Einstürzende Neubauten) as EROS.
The works of AICHER focuses on repurposing the incidentals. Drawing on his catalogue of pre-existing
recorded materials (electrified bass being the dominant instrument), the artist translates them into
compositions of detailed feedback expression and low-end sound pressure.
The results are a collection of sonic movements reimagined through generative computer software.


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