12th October 2022 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

LTN Presents:


Bull are a five piece band from York, UK 
 “First time I saw Bull was way back in the putrid summer of 2013. Just the shell of the man I am now my mum took me to the Arts Barge Tent at the Galtres Festival in Helmsley, it was raining so I was just happy to enter a sheltered area. In that tent is where I first laid eyes on the band, live in the flesh making noises I had only dreamed of after an intense day of eating creme eggs. These sounds, these vibrations, they caused a change in my 14 year body made me see the world in a different light. I started eating all my vegetables, started listening to Pavement, I threw all my top man v-neck tees away and most importantly of all I started loving myself. Since then I have seen Bull countless times each time bringing me back to the life changing moment. And you can experience this change too, all you have to do is come on down to the Rumsey Wells on Saturday and get ready for some of the best noises that can be processed by the human brain.” – Aled Vernon-Rees 

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The Hope & Ruin 11-12 Queens Rd
Brighton BN1 3WA
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