4th December 2022 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

Love Thy Neighbour


From the first time seeing them live, cumgirl8 has always felt part-punk rock, part-performance art. Delving into fashion pursuits featured in Vogue in addition to their latest conceptual music videos, it’s clear that the group’s creativity and performance quality is currently throttling at its full potential and it’s thrilling to see. -Alt Citizen

CG8 (aka Cumgirl8)—the self-described “sex-positive” band and creative entity dreamed up by Lida Fox, Chase Noelle, and Veronika Vilim—added fashion to their résumé last year with a clubby, nightlife-inspired collection. This season they brought their work into the sun and onto the street when they presented their sophomore collection outside Café Forgot on the Lower East Side on September 11. It was a real New York moment that created a bridge between Y2K and today. -Vogue

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