1st June 2023 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

Love Thy Neighbour Present:


What exactly is “pop music” and why is it actually Editrix? Do not expect calcified recreations of pre-existing bands, even the ones Editrix loves. But if pop is anything to do with melody, well, prepare yourself to be singing along by the second line of each track. If it’s defined by rhythm, warn your head not to get caught napping because it will shortly be banging. And if for you pop equals a full-on full-frequency sonic sickness, this one grabs your ears by the ear lapels and never lets go.

Why? Perhaps because Wendy Eisenberg is a genius. This we already knew from their solo work, intricate and delicate as an unexpectedly happened-upon wildflower. How then to emotionally, intellectuality, spiritually process the musical oxymoron that is Editrix? I don’t simply refer to the clash of a sick power trio (Steve Cameron on bass, Josh Daniel on drums, Wendy on guitar) grinding against a vocal so exquisitely vulnerable that it intentionally destabilizes itself by starting melodies on the weaker “mi” instead of the stronger “do,” never on the downbeat for help, nary a drop off reverb, and always with two Wendys singing at once to make any interpretive microdiscrepancies nakedly audible.

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