FEWS + Support
27th October 2023 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

Love Thy Neighbour Presents: 


On previous albums they’ve seen the world through general observations, they’ve
seen fear through someone else’s eyes, but this is the first time FEWS have turned
their gaze inwards to see themselves.

The first seeds of Glass City were already sown at the end of 2019. The self-
released EP DOG began to take shape, but gave way to more material than
expected. After the band started their own record label, recorded everything
themselves, and did almost all the work entirely on their own, the purification process
was complete. Like washing the palette clean, and starting over. The band also
found great help in the newly recruited guitarist Jacob Olson from San Francisco
based Useless Eaters.

“The goal with Glass City was to stay true to ourselves”, the band explains.
Musically, that direction has shaped FEWS into a more raw and punk attitude, but
honesty is most of all what permeates through the course of the album. The
monolithic, ever-grinding opening track Yoga Instructor was born out of singer
Frederick Rundqvist’s first day in his new 14 square meter apartment in Malmö,
where the bleak experience of disarray and insomnia is reflected in the stabbing,
razor-sharp guitar melodies. Equally introspective is lead single MASSOLIT, an
earthquake-like burst of the band’s signature kraut punk about being in controlled
chaos. An encapsulation of FEWS’ best qualities, taken to their ultimate breaking


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