H&R Presents: Slimy Bench + Ragdoll + Slouch + The Straight Jakkets
13th February 2024 - 7:30 pm
Hope & Ruin

H&R Presents


A Brighton 3-piece formed in late 2022, Slimy Bench’s diverse influences coalesce to create a dynamic and outlandish sound adjacent to shoegaze, punk, grunge, and indie-pop. Their debut EP Joy Like No Other, recorded with Archie Sagers (Crafting Room Recordings, Ladylike) showcases the band’s emotional adaptability and pulls no punches, serving as a defiant opening statement in the band’s catalog. The band’s lyrical content handles heavy topics such as gender dysphoria, violence, isolation and dread with stark honesty and an appropriately indignant attitude.

Super cool new band. Infact, too cool for a bio.

SLOUCH are a south-east based 4-piece Alt Rock band with a musical style which has been described as “dorky”. Seamlessly weaving together the deep and the dumb, SLOUCH create a sound which is at once dreary and whimsical. With unusual, angsty lyrics steeped in irony, and guitars which like to jump from being clean and quiet to loud and awful, SLOUCH deliver a unique performance which is as hardcore as it is wonderfully messy.

With their quirky hand-drawn mascots and posters, and amusing back-and-forth crowd work, SLOUCH aim to inject a high-spirited light-heartedness into their otherwise melancholic and droning sound.

Another super cool new band that is also too cool for a bio.


Hope & Ruin 11-12 Queens Rd
Brighton and Hove
Brighton BN1 3WA
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