Mad Sin
6th May 2023 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

TPA Presents:


Mad Sin are on the road for 36 years now, that is a more than a third of a century of uncompromising hard-hitting totally right in your face real deal not totally constrained by the psychobilly tag but veer into country, punk, trash and metal influences too. Koefte formed the band in 1987 in the then dissected and isolated urban island that was the city of Berlin.

The transition into the band of today has not been without its massive peaks and troths of elation and devastation but Mad Sin have always bounced back, not only higher but have done so fuelled by the knocks and bruises that their lows have brought them. This street-fighting never say die refusal to stay down was never better displayed than in the making of their 2020 album ‘Unbreakable’.

After a quite a few line-up changes the band has found it´s perfect mixture of musicians as a four piece. Beside Valle, long-time bass player since 2002, a younger generation took over., Andy Kandil slings the first guitar beside Manny Azaldo, Berlin based American guitar player.KO is beating the drums like a wild animal from the deepest Finnish woods he came out of. 

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