Mutations Festival 2023 – (Saturday)
4th November 2023 - 1:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting a stage at this years @mutationsfestival 2023. It’s a HUGE line-up this year and includes some of our favourite current bands! Tickets go on-sale this Friday 10am at



Hotline TNT 

Hotline TNT is the most 90s band of the 21st century so far. It is a grungy pop music group of no certain allegiance or denomination. The band has always been intended for fans of all generations, but many fans are forced to watch the band behind their parents’ back. Their records are mostly self-released but easy to find, toeing a fragile line between luddite in-person interactions and very online Discord servers. Many people who come across their early 7″s immediately turn them into weapons, but they have nonetheless pushed forward, unleashing a full length LP (Nineteen In Love), a Euro-exclusive EP (When You Find Out), and a handful of cassingles and mixtapes since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with a sophomore album currently in production.


Pearl and the Oysters

The whimsical French pop-loving band Pearl & the Oysters moved from France to Florida to California; wherever Joachim Polack and Juliette Davis might end up their endearingly retro, sweetly sentimental songs and sound is likely to follow. Using a kitchen sink’s worth of instruments, calling in sympathetic musicians, and showing off a very light melodic sensibility, the band’s first two albums are breezy and delightful space age pop. 2021’s Flowerland was the last record, fittingly nostalgic and summery, made before they decamped to California, where they picked right up woith the even breezier-sounding Coast to Coast in 2023.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard 

Welsh rockers unashamedly in love with the rock & roll sounds of the 1970s, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard play a swaggering, smart-assed blend of glam rock, power pop, and AOR built on loud guitars, bouncing rhythms, and the sharp vocals of classic frontman Tom Rees. The group broke through in 2000 with the rollicking singles “Double Denim Hop” and “John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ,” then in 2022 delivered Backhand Deals, an exceedingly self-assured and hooky debut album.


“The sweet smell of Lynx and regret, you can’t beat it”. Wonderfully catchy, witty, self-derogatory, unabashed 80s pop-influenced indie single by the Brighton-based band about sneak ways to make new friends. To enjoy more of Welly, see also the SoundCloud and Spotify links below. Out on The Boom Boom Palace.


Blair Tramel and Connor Cummins (of Spodee Boy) are the tape and glue that make up the auditory collage and Nashville band, Snooper. Unrestrained by the flatness that sound alone can sometimes pose Blair uses her handmade props and visual animations as propulsion for the songwriting process. The total duration of music on their new EP, Snōōper, comes in just under seven minutes. Seven minutes of lean songs to dance bag-eyed in the living room while the morning tea is steeping. There is no fat to cut on these tracks. The aerodynamic synthesis of the duo’s melodies is Snooper, and they write some really fast songs!

Acid Klaus 

If you look at some of the most exciting, innovative & critically acclaimed electronic music that has come out of the beautiful North of England over the past years; from the psychedelic electronic rock of ‘The Moonlandingz’, to the folkloric radiophonic avant-garde Of ‘Eccentronic Research Council ft Maxine Peake’, to the party electro of International Teachers of Pop; at the forefront of all these projects (and many more) is a man in a hat and shades called Adrian Flanagan.

Adrian has spent two decades working on the fringes of alternative music as a songwriter, wordsmith, musician, producer, remixer, DJ and cultural agitator – working with artists as diverse as Maxine Peake, Yoko Ono, The Human League’s Philip Oakey, Fat White Family, Sean Lennon and many more. Adrian returns this year with his debut album under the Acid Klaus moniker, ‘Step On My Travelator: The Imagined Career Trajectory of Superstar DJ & Dance-Pop Producer, Melvin Harris’.

Vanity Fairy 

Vanity Fairy is the creation of songwriter and vocalist Daisy Capri, a vehicle within which she can escape to a world where disco remains Queen. “My musical tastes skew very much in favour of the 70s and 80s because I love the aesthetic of those eras” she says. “The colours, the music, the clothes.

Maria Uzor 

You’ll recognise Maria Uzor as the frontwoman of post-punk dance duo Sink Ya Teeth. Rewind five years and the Norwich-born Barbadian-Nigerian artist was releasing under a lesser known bluesy-synth guise, Girl In A Thunderbolt, and go back another 10 years and Uzor was lead singer of grungy punk trio The Incidentals. Digging out recordings of both outfits will help you understand Uzor’s path towards electronics.


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