28th November 2023 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

JOY Presents


“Structured chaos- perhaps the most fail-safe description of the ins and outs of being an artist. Between the peculiar highs and all too relatable lows, chaos follows art like houses in motion; all lofty ambitions, and fast-paced progress. For Brighton’s Porchlight, chaos, and the art of being a band, in all its complex commodities, is nothing more than mere childsplay, in the grand scheme of lawless artistry.

Partnering sweat-laden riffs with a luxuriously expansive-breakdown, single ‘Noel’ masterfully dips its toes in a-wash of splurged emotion. Characterising the push, pull, and imitations of friendship- the feeling of needing to be a certain way for certain people, ‘Noel’ is the devilishly handsome spawn of punk-ridden Krautrock, the band Duds, and sensory aggravation. Like running a tap over corrugated iron, ‘Noel’ slips and slides its way into a rhythmically-flooded, thematically galvanised, oblivion.” – Words by Al Mills

Plus support from
Owners Club
and Glasshouse Red Spider Mite


The Hope & Ruin The Hope & Ruin
11-12 Queens Rd
Brighton and Hove
Brighton BN1 3WA