10th December 2023 - 7:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

SJ presents…

THE LAST WHOLE EARTH CATALOG (London) is the incredibly prolific, not to mention incredibly incredible, band/project/musical outlet of Dan Parr. After having spent the last 6 months in the US, Dan is back in the UK and back to playing full band shows in the UK. TLWEC released their latest album ‘There It Isn’t’ back in November 2022 but since then have released a whole live album of their last UK show at Shacklewell Arms as well as a string of singles. It’s really worth having a dig through TLWEC extensive and rich discography before this show. A great live band and not one to miss.

OH HIPPO (Manchester) We met Oh Hippo when playing in Machester last year. They swiftly became one of our favourite bands and you won’t be able to resist being cast under their spell as well. They’ve secured themselves nicely in the Manchester scene supporting Podcasts, Garden Centre and leather.head. They’ve recently released their debut single ‘Drunk in Town’. on Bandcamp

SAFETY JACKET (Brighton) Local guys, released their debut album ‘Honey From The Wasp Nest’ last year and have got 2nd album written with plans to record in Jan 2024. Raw, cathartic indie rock with poor mic technique.
ENGINES (Brighton) Very excited to have Engines on the line up. A brand new band, this is their 1st show! Get down early so as not to miss the chance to say ‘Yes, I was there when it happened!’



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