VC Pines
12th September 2023 - 8:00 pm
The Hope & Ruin

LTN & FORM Presents 


VC Pines (Violet Coloured Pines) is Jack Mercer, the smart, articulate alt-soul singer-songwriter whose gripping tales of love, loss and late nights in London keep growing in depth and sophistication. After acclaimed EPs Concrete (2021), Skully (2020) and Indigo (2019), Jack’s ready to release his first VC Pines album, which tells the tale of “someone struggling with mental health, juggling relationships, friendships, addictions and emotions, while being a creative person.”

MRI is 10 songs that aren’t trapped in obvious labels and categories, an album that’s in some ways an easy listen, yet displaying a depth and breadth most of his peers can’t match. The tyranny of the playlist can be a prison for artists, but Jack’s determined to furrow his own path, somewhere in the alternative hazy meadows between r&b, indie and soul. He put the album together over a year, from autumn to autumn, finally in full creative control, running in and out of studios with a variety box of producers, each with their own twist on VC Pines, going wherever the muse called.

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